Book Sale

Was at the National Library Sale last Saturday. I knew I was terribly late (reached about 6pm) when there were less books on the many display racks then those strewn on the floors. Fortunately found myself four books to bring home at $2 each after scouring the entire exhibition floor.

Books I bought …
1) Veronika decides to die, Paulo Coelho. (Read it once before, definitely deserve another)
2) Rome Travel Guide (with many inserted illustrations and pictures)
3) Myst – the book of Atrus (made famous by the PC game)
4) Fight Fat (don’t laugh, the bulge is everyone’s enemy)

It was sad though to see how books were treated that day. Books were left on the floor, stepped on and thrown around after the buyers had sieved through them. It’s definitely not something you want to teach your kids.


One thought on “Book Sale

  1. Norman says:

    Myst ??I still have that book lying about.You could’ve had mine, for $2!

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