Arise a Rag Day awaits !

Kent Ridge Supporters 4

It was a good day for battle.

The narrow stands at the NUS sports field was filled to the brim with groups of supporters with matching coloured tees. They were mainly made up of freshmen, and the annual Rag Day was the final culmination of weeks of Orientation that preceded this final event.

Rag Day is not only about ghastly decorated sets on the back of trucks or bumbling first time performers dancing to the beat of remixed soundtracks; it is the fitting finale that combines ingenuity and creativity, artistry and grace, passion and hardwork, and most importantly cohesion and teamwork among seniors and freshies. Well winning the Chancellor’s Shield is important too as you get to boast about it for the whole of one year.

So there I was in NUS early Saturday morning to watch the event. Standing among the undergraduates certainly makes me feel young all over again. Felt strangely like my first Rag Day ten years ago.

The highlights, let’s see …

Supporter Stands

Supporters galore

Floats Lining Up

Floats lining up to perform

Engin Float 1

Engineering Faculty’s Candy Float. Oh gosh, what will they think of next!

Supporters 4

Battle-hungry supporters

Kent Ridge Supporters 5

Supporters up in arms

Cheerleaders 1

Bring it on !

Kent Ridge Float

Back to the future? One of the best looking float

Raffles Supporters Cheering 1

Raffles’ Supporters cheering hard

Us with Raffles Float

Teoh, Wei Keong and me with the Raffles Float

This was what we came up with ten years ago, a mash of Hydras and Phoenixes, which took the best float award for halls. Heady times indeed.


3 thoughts on “Arise a Rag Day awaits !

  1. Beer Brat says:

    Ok, i see where the whole thing was heading towards all the time…. to boast about your decade-old victory… 😛

  2. silau says:

    ah, ha ha. just got the reference in your blog title. yeah i’m a bit slow these days..

  3. benauhc says:

    beer brat, the 10 year old victory was added in as a after thought.silau, can’t expect too much from a 30 year old brain. maybe oysters will help … 😛

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