HAZE gets in my eyes

Almost fifteen years ago, the haze first appeared. I didn’t know what it was then; it scared me. All I know was that it was the consequence of men’s transgressions and nature was getting back at us. It created an instant environmental awareness. The haze didn’t stay long. And later we found out that it was the smoke from the burning in our neighbour’s yard.

Fifteen years on, the haze is back yet again. As true as the coming of spring, the haze has never failed to appear around the same time each year. The right combination of dry weather and wind directions have us, neighbours, suffering the same yearly plight. It has been all talk since, without results. Action? Oh we had plenty of those; Satellite pics of hotpots, PSI monitoring, health warnings, and still the same culprits burn as freely as if nothing has got into the thick skulls of theirs.

On a side note, my colleague was making a remark in the MRT the other day. She mentioned that from the comfort of the air-cooled train cabin, it looked like mist had descended on the city, a sight common only in places located in cooler climates. That is until you step out of the door, and the heat and smell hits you and bring you back to reality again.

Anyway here’s an ode to the HAZE (to be sung in the tune of ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’)

Th-e-yy asked me how I knew the PSI was true
I of course replied
“Something’s in the air cannot be denied”
They said “No wonder now we find
our sight’s turning blind”
When the land’s on fire,
You must realize
Haze gets in your eyes

Now foreign friends deride
Ills I cannot hide
So I curse and swear
“Pray that the flame soon dies, or
Haze gets in your eyes”
(Haze gets in your eyes, Haze gets in your eyes)
Haze -gets-in-your-eyes…….


2 thoughts on “HAZE gets in my eyes

  1. Beer Brat says:

    Haha….. you idiot.. tat was a good adaptation.

  2. benauhc says:

    welcome back from your hiatus BB.

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