Uniquely JB

I was over in JB last Saturday for a short day trip at the invitation of Chern Yin. As a proud JB-ian, CY wanted to show us the less common attractions in this southern city while educating us on some of JB’s geographical and historical facts. So you see it was not the usual foray into JB for VCD or cheap groceries.

For a more detailed write-up, go read Ravi’s post on the visit, cause here I’m just putting up some random pictures. Enjoy!

VIP Arrival
Wat-do-you-know, we were on time to witness the arrival of VIPs at the SJER launch in Danga Bay.

Event Hall
Main event-hall of the SJER launch. Recognise any familiar bald patch ?

Dato Shahrir
JB’s own Dato’Shahrir talking to reporters outside the hall.

Melissa Goh
Spotted. CNA’s Melissa Goh in mid-run.
Yeah, CNA reporters can’t just sit around waiting, they got to write online reports too!

Police Bikes
Bikes all proudly displayed. Their owners ? Lepak-ing under the shade while uninvited guests walk around the place unchecked. Well, that’s just Malaysia’s open styled security.

Rumah Muar
I found a ‘Rumah Muar’ at Danga Bay! Ok, we are not unique, every district had their own house too …

Orchid Garden
A beautiful and quiet spot in Danga Bay – the Orchid Garden.

JB Laksa
Had this JB version of the Laksa near Taman Nong Chik.

Wedding Pic
A couple spotted at ‘Hutan Bandar’ (the forest park in JB). Who wouldn’t want their wedding pics taken near brown murky waters?

JB Mosque
The grand old Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque.


Nothing like jb in early morning! sun shining … birds singing … snatch theives running …”

– a quote from one of the guys before he admited in his latest post that there was more to JB then being S’pore’s Tijuana. Name of person withheld .

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