Moving in

It has been a hectic past few days. At least the moving was without any hitch. The house is still in a bit of mess, with boxes and bags still unpacked and pieces of IKEA furniture still un-assembled. Out of the few things I bought, the ‘Fisher & Paykel’ fridge does not work, the ‘Delonghi’ air port leaves a funny tasting drinking water and the leg rest I picked from IKEA is of the wrong colour. Okay, the last one was my fault, but the other two tells much of the quality of electrical goods nowadays. It is like for every three items you buy, one is defective. There should be a penalty against the manufacturer for poor quality control. Like a $50 voucher or a discount on the initial price.

Sorry, I ‘m sidetracking. Anyway, the house will keep me busy for the next one month. A paint job maybe, more IKEA shopping, do up the study and guest room, christmas decorating, etc. It’s like I’ve taken up a new hobby, and that’s not including the compulsory house chores. Oh well, this is the price you pay for owning your own place.

Here’s a pic of my place before the move-in.

Yew Tee Place

And here’s how ‘moving house’ is done in Malaysia.


5 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. Beer Brat says:

    You sure you do not need help? I am quite the muscleman.. ahem..

  2. benauhc says:

    hmmm … BB, since you’re living so near in CCK, I’ll consider …

  3. Norman says:

    Nice digs…And I also have extraordinary experience with Ikea assembly :PIf you need the help.

  4. jy says:

    hello ben.feeling pre-historic and outdated.this is my maiden post. on a blog.and to learn, in this order, that (1) you’ve bought a place and (2) you’re married.i’m probably the last but… congrats!!

  5. benauhc says:

    norm, I’ve got more shopping at ikea to do, meaning more assembly …jy, welcome and thanks. hope you soon hop onto the ‘blogging’ boat too. 🙂

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