Nonsensical Musings

I have not blogged much recently. Can’t find a right excuse for that.

So as I sit in front of the widescreen, my mind runs through topics that I might blog about – the Year that is almost over (no point crying over spilt milk), the magical December feeling (done that, and besides I’m suffering from a lack of it this year), year-end shopping sprees (probably not, credit card bills went soaring from recent purchases), movie reviews (a bit behind on this aspect, last seen was Casino Royale) or more rants about everything that is not quite right with the world (S’pore PR price hike, the Iraqi conundrum, melting ice caps, Soccer Sugar Daddies, the list just goes on). Then the mind just goes blank and the gears in my head just refuse to click.

Oh well at least I tried.

Here’s something to leave you by. A quote from Henry Drummond. Something to keep you in the right spirit this Christmas.

‘The test of man then is not “How have I believed?” but how “How have I loved?” The final test of religion is not religiousness, but love; not what I have done, not what I have believed, not what I have acheived, but how have I discharged the common charities of life. ‘


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