January Babies

Dinner by the Quay

The wheel of time begins a new revolution, as once again we run head long into a new cycle of birthdays, weddings, holiday getaways and other less desirable events. Maybe that is what makes us look forward to those seemingly ordinary days.

Anyway, there we were at Boat Quay on Monday night to celebrate the birthdays of the January Babies. Imagine, just a year ago we were celebrating it at Pitstop, the boardgame café. This time round, Wei Wee decided to bring us to .. it is quite a mouthful, here goes … Jin De Lai Zhong Hua La Mian Restaurant. It serves Shan Xi and Xi An dishes. Not sure whether the dishes are authentic but the taste and cooking style is definitely not local. The Singapore River provided a picturesque backdrop for our Chinese dinner, but certainly not the big screen TV I was facing, as it was showing the replay of the luckless Man Utd- Arsenal match from the night before (hrmpph!)

The January Babies
The January Babes

After dinner, we moved on to TCC to have the birthday celebration proper. We managed to get the nice secluded corner on the second floor. A brief game of ‘Truth or Dare’ ensued and it did yielded some results or rather answers that we were waiting to hear. (Sidetrack : Wonder why people are willing to subject themselves to the game when they know that their secrets might be out before the night is over. Don’t they know what’s coming? Or do they just relish such opportunities to share their secrets?). Then came the cake cutting and the standard off-key singing of the birthday song. The night ended when the café staff reminded us that it was closing time.

Another celebration, another year goes by.


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