Lost in February

How come February gets the least number of days but is littered with important dates like Valentine’s Day, Chinese Lunar New Year and for me,Vicky’s Birthday? Amidst all the rush, excitement and enjoyment, time tends to speed up, and before you even rip off ‘January’ from the calendar, you realised that all 28 days of February are up.

I know it’s only the middle of February now, but trust me, after you plunge head long into the Lunar New Year celebrations, you’ll only sober up with a few days of the month left to go. That also means for me that my final month in my present company will be up in a jiffy.

How I spent Valentine’s Day? No flowers this year. Vicky balks at the overpriced bouquets and decides that she can do without them. I silently (but gratefully) agree. So we ended up having Japanese food for dinner. After dinner we dropped by at a Flower Shop, make that Fake Plastic Flowers, and chose a bunch of hydrangeas plus an assortment of other flowers for the house. Not sure whether the other fellow passengers in the train thought that Vicky had received some cheap plastic flowers for Valentine. For the record, the plastic flowers and vase that we bought would have cost around the same as that for a bouquet of dozen fresh roses on that day.

Later today, my company will be having their last Chinese New Year lunch. They decided to be slightly more generous this year, since it will be our final time, by choosing to have it at Tung Lok. But food aside, I guess this will be the last official gathering for us. It must certainly be a sentimental moment for many who has tossed countless plates of Yu Sheng through the years. We have one worker who has been with us for 25 years, that’s more than half his lifetime, and suddenly he will find himself peering at a very different future, not the kind he is used waking up to every morning.

It will be a rush to get to JB after lunch as I have a bus to catch at 5.15pm. I’m really looking forward to this Chinese New Year celebrations after a rather subdued Christmas. New Year, new luck? The Dog Year didn’t appear as bad as predicted and Pig Year promises even better times. But I never got myself stuck with the annual horoscope predictions before as I believe that we make our own luck. Will stick to that thought this year too.

Will be back to Singapore only on the 25th. Hopefully recharged, for new challenges awaits. But before that, there’s our Housewarming to organise. Got to split the friends and relatives as our small Four Room unit can’t hold that many people. We have fixed the one for friends on Sunday, 4th March. Was considering catering until we found a willing cook. This will keep us busy when we come back.

Ok for now here’s wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year and may you ‘nian nian you yu’ !

Ornamental Fishes

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