Mountain Tortoise, City Fish

It’s just the third day into my new job but I’m still slowly absorbing the changes.

Call me ‘Sua Ku’ (or backward) but this is the first time I’m actually working in the city, right smack in the business district. I’ve seen the Raffles Place folks before, the way they swarm into the MRT station or pour out into the open places above the station, but it’s different to be among their number. It’s like swimming in a school of Atlantic Herring.

The workplace is different too. The view from the 17th floor beats the scenery in Jurong Industrial Estate anytime. And I know why people are willing to work longer hours in the city. it’s partly because they know that they’re surrounded by a thriving and happening night scene with pretty lighted buildings and ornate lamp posts lining the pathways, not dreary warehouses and empty streets.

Food is in abundance too. I think the city office people are way too spoilt. Food is available in every shape and form. Prices cater to the misers as well as the big spenders. And they have big tall skyscrapers to shade them from the sun.

Well, I better enjoy it while I can because in three weeks my office is shifting to the heartlands. My colleagues are already dreading the move. I guess I will miss the air up there too.


2 thoughts on “Mountain Tortoise, City Fish

  1. Anonymous says:

    It must feel very good to be one of those privileged people working in this high-class business district…especially when you just came out from ehh..Tuas industrial area..So you better work longer everyday to enjoy every bit of the 17th floor air since actually you only have 2 more weeks to enjoy it, don’t forget the 1 week trip to China.. :p

  2. Beer Brat says:

    I always wanted to work in the city too. Guess the odds for engineers like us are more likely to be working in dreary industrial areas.You are going china?

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