Middle Kingdom beckons

I’ll be off to Shanghai in a couple more hours. It’s an early flight out of Singapore.This trip will officially be my first trip to the Middle Kingdom. One of the hazards of my new job.

The week has passed pretty quickly. Work has been good so far. No assignments yet, just lots of reading and catching up, including a full day orientation at the main plant. Lunchtime has been the highlights of each day. Eating at affordable eateries around Raffles Place and Orchard has been quite an exploration.

Preparing for the trip has also kept me occupied. From application of Visa to finding the best places to exchange Reminbi and especially the search for decent Winter Clothing, which has taken me to Robinsons, John Little, OG, Jurong East (WinterTime) and IMM (Cold Wear).

Along the week, I managed to squeeze in some time to watch the highly anticipated ‘300’ on Thursday. The movie certainly didn’t dissapoint.

Ok, it’s late. Better catch some sleep before the early wake up tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Middle Kingdom beckons

  1. wolverine says:

    Interesting teh tarik

  2. benauhc says:

    thanks wolverine!

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