Enter the Phantom


No prizes for guessing where this post will lead to. Well if you are one of those who are gripped by the Phantom fever, you would understand.

Like a gangly teenager going to his first rock concert, hmm… add some lines on the face and some flab around the waist, I hopped over to the esplanade on Saturday to come face to face with the iconic face of broadway musicals. The phantom certainly didn’t disappoint. He was the stand-out all-action performer; whether he is showcasing his powerful vocals, showing off his street magic, screaming in rage, writhing in despair, or clambering around the well constructed sets on stage. And he got to be in the coolest scene from the show too, the one where he rode in on the gondola through the thin layer of staged smoke, while surrounded by giant candelabras and glowing light from below. All this while being serenaded (live!) by songs that you just know so well.

Well, this is one classic performance that may not come our way again.

Talking about musicals, I just learnt that Les Miserables has been brought back from the grave, and is performing in both Broadway and West End. That’s definitely one musical that I yearn to watch. Let’s see whether Mr.Mackintosh is be willing to bring it on one last tour.


3 thoughts on “Enter the Phantom

  1. Pink Elle says:

    I LOVE the Phantom! Great that Les Mis is making a comeback! It’s another of my great favourites!

  2. benauhc says:

    pink elle, I’m hoping that the comeback last more than just six months.hot choc, well it is still performing till may …

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