Parting Shot

Ocean 2
The view from my office taken with my new N73 ME

Today was the last day in the city. We are saying goodbye to the comfortable city surroundings and moving into the heartlands, or ‘kampung’ as my manager calls it. I’ve only spend one month there, so it’s not hard for me to move; but to the rest of them who have experienced wheelock and then raffles place, I bet they will soon be longing for the food variety at Golden Shoe, or the after-lunch drinks at Coffee & Toast, or even the Beetroot juices from Sun & Moon.


2 thoughts on “Parting Shot

  1. hot choc says:

    oh cool, so u bought the music edition. how’s the phone? is it slow?sactually, u can download the ME software into the standard N73 to convert it into ME. hehe…

  2. benauhc says:

    Yes, got the ME and you’re right it’s a little slow. Well the difference between the Std and ME was $60, but the ME comes with 2GB memory and it’s all-black.

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