Sofra so good

Ok, ignore the corny title. We were at Sofra, the Turkish restaurant, last night for dinner to celebrate the birthdays of two dear friends. The food, at least mine, was quite good. For the record, I had the Sofra Kebab which had eggplant and mixed lamb and beef wrapped in bread. Too bad we didn’t have any belly dancers to spice up the night. I’m sure Chern Yin can provide the beat.

So here’s leaving you with the photo of the two birthday celebrants.

Birthday Pals 2

2 thoughts on “Sofra so good

  1. Beer Brat says:

    I have a feeling you guys order beef so that I couldn’t pick from your plate. Evil.Yeah we had a great time. :)(that sounded a little wrong. but, oh well)

  2. benauhc says:

    yeah, next time ‘ll just ask the waiter to seperate out the beef so that you can pick from my plate. :P(that sounded a little wrong too …)

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