Sunrise to sunset

Sunset at Muar River

Life has changed much with the new job. It’s been only one month but it already seems like a long time. The difference between this job and the last is apparent. Here are just a few of them.

1. Work wise, the previous job involved lots of fire fighting and hands on towards production and plant maintenance, the current involves manufacturing planning from a birds eye view of the business.

2. Workng hours have extended and sometimes work creeps into weekends and after working hours. No more 5:25pm knock off time but I don’t get the midnight calls either. A fair trade off?

3. Less privacy now with my boss just seated not far behind me. She just needs to lean backwards and she’ll have a glimpse of my worktable. Far cry from the days sitting next to the production floor with my boss two floors above me. That means no time to read blogs or go MSN during working hours!

4. Travel time is about an hour now, one way. That’s a freaking two hours of my life gone everyday, standing next to strangers. Thank God for books and morning free papers. My record in the previous company was half an hour from door to door.

5. More communication now, whether it’s liasing with the local engineers, US planners or some custom experts in China. Conference calls has been a staple in the job, so has net meetings. I even had to get a phone with speaker & mute functions at home to meet the needs. A good thing that my boss believes that we should meet the people we are communicating with, so that bodes well for some overseas travels (fingers cross).

6. Size wise the company now is many times bigger than the 60 man operation in my previous job. So with big companies come many redtape, systems and policies that may be a double edge sword depending how you look at it.

7. Money wise, anything is better than being in a sinking ship, especially one that has its purse strings guarded by scrooges in another country.

8. Working culture now is set by my boss who works harder than those around her and that keeps us on our toes and hands busy on the keyboard.

9. Motivation wise, the new challenges in the job has kept me upbeat so far. Who knows the future? The old job got a bit of stale at the end as work became a repetitive cyle.

10. More sunrises, less sunsets now. So less time to jog or enjoy an early meal or catch Tyra on Channel 5 (I don’t btw).

Who know’s what the future holds or how I’ll feel after a year in the job. Things are transient, so I’ll just try my best to enjoy the surprises that each day holds.


2 thoughts on “Sunrise to sunset

  1. Yin says:

    Good for you Ben. Glad to know you are doing more planning and forecasting now. A she boss eh? Just remember to keep her updated with project progress as much as you can. Women love that! Guess Vicky will have to spend more time alone with you flying the skies now!

  2. benauhc says:

    don’t worry, travelling will not be a frequent feature of the job.

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