A TreAt On Sticks

Here are just some Sate variants that we had come across over the past two weeks

Bayang Seafood Platter

Part of the Appetizer platter at Bayang, Clarke Quay. The meat was tender and tasty. Too bad there were only three on the plate. The variant is commonly found in Indonesian restaurants.

Satay & Larkin Station

This was is not so common. We discovered in at the Larkin Bus Station, JB, on our way back to Muar last weekend. The stall is located on the third floor of the station among the other Malay Hawkers. Here the Sate was served with yummy black sauce and fried shallots. Some people even have the Sate as a dish with rice. Wouldn’t mind going back there for the skewered meat!


2 thoughts on “A TreAt On Sticks

  1. Pink Elle says:

    The 2nd sate is Indonesia/Balinese in origin, I think. I had exactly the same in a little warong in Bali last year!

  2. benauhc says:

    my guesss is all this sate could have originated from Indonesia.

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