My Town by the River – 1

Town by the River copy


Jln Meriam Shops Jln Abdullah 1
Wah Nam Coffee Shop 1917 1927 Shophouse
Stately old shophouses still standing proudly on the streets. The town council sould have done better with their choice of colour and need for uniformity.

Toko Besar Senyum Chian Chuang Assoc
Yong Seng 1 chung hwa1
A few of the more notable buildings around town. Top right is the now defunct supermarket, Senyum, while the bottom left is Yong Seng, the most popular confectionary in town. On the top left is a association building, while on the bottom left sits the old Chung Hwa 1 primary school.

Glutton Square 6 Glutton Square 4
Glutton Square 5 Glutton Square 2
Muar’s Glutton Square – a short stretch of road with food stalls and eateries flanking both sides.

River Mouth 3 River Mouth 2
River Bank 1 Bridge 1
A view of Muar’s coastline. The river mouth is just around the bend, leading towards the Straits of Melaka.

Another day perhaps I’ll take another stroll around my town, to take in the sights that we often miss. Maybe before changes transform this town into something my youth does not recognise.


3 thoughts on “My Town by the River – 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    wat a peaceful town 🙂

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