The MILFactor

Ok, let me set it straight, it’s Mother-in-Law factor.

My colleague was telling me about his recent trip to Bangalore. He recounted something interesting during a meeting there.

A manager asked an engineer, “Would you be willing to relocate to Chennai for a period of time?”. The Engineer replied, “No”. Curious, the manager asked him why. Without hesitation the Engineer replied, “Because my Mother-in-law lives in Chennai.” It suddenly struck the manager that he was on a verge of uncovering something important. “Okay now, how many in the room have mother-in-laws in Chennai and are not willing to relocate there because of her”. A few hands shot up. “Then,” the manager exclaimed, “the Mother-in-law factor should be one of the considerations in choosing a site!”

In the end they didn’t really take up his suggestion, but it did leave them with some points to ponder.


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