Riverwalk Tandoor

(pink fonts to keep to the pink theme)

We had a birthday dinner celebration at Riverwalk Tandoor last Thursday. The two brithday girls were sportingly attired in bright pink tops. I hope they won’t come out with some awkward suggestion for the next two birthday boys. Not that I mind.

Anyway, the buffet($14++per person) that we had was not entirely remarkable, but palatable. The Naan did go well with the assortment of curries and the fruit custard dessert went down well with the sweet toothed. It wasn’t too crowded at the beginning but soon the Indian tourist groups started thronging into the restaurant. Two other groups beat us to the birthday celebration, so by the time we had our cake out, we were hoping that they would not play the birthday song again, but unfortunately for some of us, the song blared out the third time. Well here is the obligatory photo to go with the post.

no birthday song


2 thoughts on “Riverwalk Tandoor

  1. Beer Brat says:

    Yeah i remember the girls protesting loudly against the song. Haha.

  2. benauhc says:

    I think only WW was protesting loudly. 😛

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