Two weekends

Weekends are two miserly days sandwiched by hectic work days. They disappear as sudden as they appear and every Sunday night you are left to wonder what became of them. Well here was how the past two weekends were spent …

Last weekend of August was spent in Muar. Sisters were back. Dropped by in Church and a local hotel on Sat morning to check out on wedding arrangements. At home, Josh was hooked on Bob the Builder and he loved at the part where Spud went flying. Sunday was spent at the new Giant Hypermart at Tjg Agas. Goodbye supermarkets, the age of hypermarts has arrived in my backwater town.

Josh in Giant 3 Josh and the ladies
A happy camper and his ladies in attendance

In between the two weekends, I aged a year and my country celebrated its silver jubilee. Consolotion of stepping into the second year of my 30s? Forty still look pretty far away. Just like how 30 look when I was at 21. Yeah, yeah, I’m finding reasons to be happy.

Last weekend, Vicky’s mum and sis paid us a visit and almost immediately embarked on a great Singapore shopping spree. It’s amazing how the shops are still on sale just after the GSS and this far away from Christmas. One lesson I learnt during one of this shopping excursion is that before buying luggage at Lucky Plaza, one must always check the prices at fixed price shops. Lucky Plaza shop – $120 (bargained down from $160) vs Tangs – $79(on offer) = OUCH!!

Spent Fri night at Julian and Tsumain’s new spanking pad at Tangerine Grove. Was served homecooked food and oven treats. And on Saturday, met up the same bunch of friends again in the afternoon at Karen’s pad and over dinner. After dinner, it was Sundae at King Albert’s Park McD just to re-live the old times (read JC years).

KarenTsu&Jas Julian Bulied
While the moms chatted, the kids discovered a new game

and Norman made the girls cry…

Here’s to more weekends with Family and Friends ….


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