Would you lug this around ?

Though I know RM50K is a big motivation, imagine lugging around a human-size cardboard everywhere you go to garner publicity, braving the crowd at big events, having the guts to grab that ‘one-minute of fame’ opportunity, and having the perseverance to stay ahead of your competition (the other 299 recruits). Yeah, it’s outwit, outlast, and outplay … on the streets of Malaysia.

I’m talking about Mix FM’s “Living with Ika, Serena C & Pietro” competition in Malaysia. My friend, Ann, is among the recruits and it is certainly hard work for her. You can read all about her exploits in her blog.

In her own words, here’s what she’s gonna do with the money.
“Did I tell you why I’m so hyped with this competition? Well, I’m planning to donate a certain percentage of the prize $$ to PAWS as I’m a big fan of cats and dogs and have been a supporter of the shelter since years ago. I also would like to use a percentage of the bounty to host a party for the underprivileged kids. The balance is for me to take up a course relating to animal care in

Ann_pasar malam

If you can help her out with any of the following she’ll be really grateful …

– She’s doing a road trip and she’s looking for sponsors.

– If you know how to get her story or photo publicised in the media, contact her.

– Put her story in your blog

– Spot her and you may stand a chance of winning RM200.

No, she did not ask me to put this post up. I just thought that my blog could be put to better use J. Here’s her other regular blog.


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