Off to Oz

But not to see the wizard. Funny, no? Who cares, in 24 hours time, I’ll be on a plane to the land Down Under. With Vicky, Louie, Mum and Dad in tow. We got a wedding to attend at the Opera House (that sealed the deal, got me all interested in the first place) and some exploring to do around Sydney. The stay’s too short according to my Uncle, and he is convinced Sydney needs more then 8 days. Well I’ve already cut out Melbourne, which was in the original plan, but hope to do the blue mountain stay-over.

So the next time someone in a bikini ask “Where the bloody hell are you?”, I’ll say, “I’m abso-bloody-lutely sure I’m in Oz.” An alternative answer, to borrow a line from the great Steve Irwin, would be “Crikey, what a beauty!”, and I’m sure that would endear me to the womenfolk. Unless a crocodile happen to be near…


One thought on “Off to Oz

  1. Beer Brat says:

    Enjoy your trip , dude. :)Good day!

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