Mid-autumm Memories

Today is the mid-autumm festival. When I was walking back earlier, I couldn’t help noticing the many excited children fawning over their lanterns. It’s amazing how a simple construct of paper, illuminated by a single candle flame can bring such joy to a kid. I still remember those moon-lit nights, when I was still in the primary school, and how I loved the walks through the housing estate with my lantern. I will gather the gang soon after dinner and we will start our journey through the many streets of the estate.

Maybe it was the festive mood heightened by the many hanging lanterns on the lawns of the houses we passed. Maybe it was the sheer excitement and adventure in walking out at night. Maybe it was the opportunity of passing by the houses of friends and shouting their names as we passed. Maybe it was just the magical sight of the lanterns, but it is nights like this that I wish was a kid all over again.


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