Oz Trip First Day – Touch Down

Family @ McMahon's Point

It’s about time I wrote about my trip to Sydney while it is still freshly imprinted in my mind. Here I go …

We set off to the land formerly known as terra incognita on 14 Sep soon after midnight. In between getting some shut eye and watching Hot Fuzz on the plane, there was really nothing much to do on the 8 hour journey. On arrival, there was a queue at the customs as the officers were pretty strict on the checking. Vicky and I got passed it without checking as we managed to convince them that soil from Singapore was from the city not kampungs. While waiting for the rest of my family to clear customs, we decided to try the Krispy Kreme at the airport. Conclusion – it was a tad too sweet for our liking. Outside, the skies were a little cloudy for Sydney standards and the temperature was nice and cool.

Soon after, my uncle whisked us off to his place in Wahroonga in a rented 7-seater. The journey took about an hour as we made a pit stop at McMahon’s Point to savour in the view of the harbour. Uncle Daniel’s place was a townhouse in the suburbs of Wahroonga, a compact double storey house with a small backyard. It was just the right size for him and Aunty Lilian as my cousin’s Eugene and Su have all grown up and flew the coop. We had lunch there before going over to the inn to check in. Vicky, Louie and I would be staying in the inn for the next 6 days.

That night, we went over to Mandarin Centre in Chatswood for a very Asian dinner. It was a typical food court set-up with stalls selling Asian fare. We settled on pork chop rice, black pepper beef rice and chicken rice which to our surprise tasted much better than the hawker food in Singapore. On the other hand, hawker food in Singapore is nothing to boast about either.

We called it a night soon after dinner as it would be a long day ahead. This was our first day in Sydney and we were looking forward to see more in the next one week.


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