Oz Trip Day 5 – City Explorers

This was the day we finally ventured onto the streets of Sydney. With a trusty map and comfortable walking shoes, my family and I took to the streets. We started off from Wynyard Train Station …

Sydney Streets_Town Hall 2
Outside the Townhall. They just had a ceremony to mark the torch run of the Shanghai Special Olympics, that explains the green flags that we were waving.

Sydney Streets_QVB
Queen Victoria Building. Not a place for us to shop …

Darling Harbour_Vicky & Ben
Darling Harbour, filled with sea gulls and school children on day trips.

Sydney Fish Market 8
Grilled seafood on sale at Sydney’s Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market 3
The fisherman wharf next to the Fish market. A good day to be outside.

Sydney Streets 4
A friendly motorcyclist posing on Harris Street

Sydney Streets_Chinatown1
The busy Chinatown. A good place to buy cheap souvenirs and chinese food (where else?)
Anzac Memorial 3
The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park

Hyde Park 3
Hype Park and the many parks around Sydney are splendid places to spend your time chilling out or just reading a book.

StMary's Cathedral 2
St.Mary’s Cathedral. The interior is just as imposing …

After a tiring day of walking, we had a quick dinner as the shops were closing and headed home. The next day promised more time in the city and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Oz Trip Day 5 – City Explorers

  1. ashweek says:

    Spectacular! Ben, i was there with the boys when they were still in primary sch. I was busy keeping up with them to be able to take in the sights. Tks for sharing the pics. Glad you all had a great time! 🙂 – annie

  2. benauhc says:

    Thanks! I’m sure you ‘ll be there again, now that the boys are all grown up. 🙂

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