Snowy Midwestern Encounter

Winter's Day in Kokomo 5

Just came back from my maiden trip to the US on Sunday . It was a 29 hour long trip back to good old Singapore.

Over there, I got to see snow up close for the first time and then got numerous chances to scrap it off the car’s windscreen after that. Not much sightseeing in the quiet little town of Kokomo, just lots of steak dinners and shopping at Walmarts and Targets. Will post up more pictures soon.


6 thoughts on “Snowy Midwestern Encounter

  1. Beer Brat says:

    Welcome back… One sheepish confession, i have never seen real snow before.It’s true.. haha

  2. hot choc says:

    did u slide down any slopes?bought any candies? (namely reese’s peanut butter cups!!)

  3. benauhc says:

    bb, maybe that will be your next travel goal.louie, kokomo is mainly flat, no slopes or hills around. and the snow was too thin. didn’t buy candies, just gum.

  4. SoupLad says:

    Off the Florida Keys There’s a place called Kokomo ……….Bodies in the sand Tropical drink melting in your hand …………..that’s my impression of kokomo….btw, did u catch the movie Kite Runner? the book that was reviewed by you in ya blog a couple of years back…the movie left out quite a bit from the book

  5. benauhc says:

    yeah, heard about the movie coming out but haven’t caught it yet. doubt it will be as good as the book.anyway I’m reading the other book from Khaled Hosseini now – A Thousand Splendid Suns.

  6. SoupLad says:

    will be reading that after finishing “black swans”btw, congrats. Nice wedding pics

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