A week in Kokomo

To get to Kokomo, I had to fly to LA, and to Denver, then to Indiana, and finally a 1 1/2 hour drive by car. Kokomo is a small little town, north of Indianapolis (famous for the Colts and Peyton Manning), that happens to be where my company’s headquarters is located. It was quite an easy place to navigate (the GPS proved quite useful) as the main trunk road led to most places (ie.food, shopping, work).

I was greeted with sunny weather in Indianapolis, so that helped made the driving conditions to Kokomo easier. I just had to remind myself constantly to think ‘right-hand’ drive. Well the snow finally did come on a frosty Sunday morning. Fortunately I had a scraper in the back seat of my rented car and that helped us get the car on the road on Monday morning.

Food wise, my first bite of local cuisine was ‘Chinese’. I ended there after finding the other diners fully packed on a Saturday night. Maybe the football game going on kept the diners firmly stucked to their warm seats and the beer flowing. So I had to settle for ‘Beef Hor Fun’, cooked by a Taiwanese in a near empty restaurant (there were only 4 customers!), for my first Kokomo dinner. Well I can’t complaint as I had more than my share of steaks, ribs and sandwiches in the following days.

Shopping in Kokomo meant shopping for cheap bargains. I bought vitamins, bath towels, shirts at American institutions like JC Penney, Target, Walmart and Dick’s Shopping Goods. There was good bargains if I looked hard enough and as long as the prices were lower than back home, I was sold. I just had to keep an eye on the volume of the shopping goods as I had a list of vitamins to buy for colleagues and a limited room in my luggage.

I stayed at holiday inn throughout and it really felt like an inn. It had a small fire place at the ‘living room’ area and it was a simple breakfast fare of ommelettes,bagels and sausages every morning. There was a nice old lady who helped prepare the breaksfast and she was always cheery and greeted every guest .

After almost 6 days in Kokomo, I flew off from Indiana on Friday morning, but not before driving through Indianapolis and taking a look to the RCA Dome, home of the Colts. By then the Colts were already out of the running, having lost to the Charges while we were there. The trip back was without hiccups, as there were no delays this time.

Here are some random pictures.

Holiday Inn Kokomo 4
Holiday Inn Kokomo

Corolla dressed in white 2
Whiter after the snow

StElmo Steakhouse 2
St.Elmo’s in Indianapolis – good steak!

RCA Dome_home of the Colts2
RCA Dome

Somewhere after the international date line … on the way home.

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