Death Cycle of the Heartland Doughnut Shop


Three signs of a dying donut shop (besides the alarming dearth of customers!) .

Sign 1 …
The unmistakable vanilla scent that used to assail your nostrils as soon as you stepped out of the train station is a thing of the past

Sign 2 …
The donuts, the former pastry elites, are now sharing the same shelves with the middle-class curry puffs and the errr… oily prawn cakes!

Sign 3 …
Nothing foretells the end more than being bought over by the rival bakery shop … and having to change names form the palatable ‘munchy donut’ to the unsavoury ‘ananas donuts!


4 thoughts on “Death Cycle of the Heartland Doughnut Shop

  1. PolarBear says:

    Hmm… the donuts dun look every good hor!

  2. hot choc says:

    wait..isn’t that the krispy kreme bought from Sydney airport??

  3. SoupLad says:

    i would say vanilla stench rather than scent …

  4. benauhc says:

    Polarbear, they are getting worse and getting less shelf space as we speak.Louie, yeah, had to borrow the photo of better looking ones.Souplad, they didn’t smell that bad …

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