Fish theraphy

Gugo Outing_Turkish Fish Spa

We finally got the chance to sink our feet into a pool of Garra rufa fish yesterday at Qian Hu’s fish Spa. Paid $10 for the half an hour session. Tried to be ambitious at the beginning by trying the pool with the bigger fish, some almost 12cm long, but it got too ticklish and we bailed out. Moved to the more popular pool with the 1-2 inch long fish. All in all it was a good experience and we left with smoother soles.

The other part of the outing organised by Vicky’s company was to the farm (yes, we have farms here in some backwater part of Singapore) and F&N’s birdnest warehouse sale. Though it was a free outing, I guessed we paid our dues by buying lots of farm produce and bottled birdnest.

Gugo Outing_Ben feet in fish spa Gugo Outing_Turkish Fish Spa 2
Gugo Outing_Fishies 1 Gugo Outing_Vicky feet in fish spa
Gugo Outing_Vege Patch 2 Gugo Outing_Red Dragon Fruit Tree 2
Gugo Outing_Farm stalls Gugo Outing_Red Dragon Flower
Gugo Outing_Potted plant 10 Gugo Outing_Fly on flytrap
Gugo Outing_Potted plant 6 Gugo Outing_Red Dragon Fruit

2 thoughts on “Fish theraphy

  1. ashweek says:

    Ben, yr photography skill is out of this world. how did you get such sharp shots huh? is it the camera or the camera-man? going thru yr blog now.. :)- annie

  2. benauhc says:

    Hi. It must be the macro function on the camera plus some sharpening on photoshop elements! 😛

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