Cafe Amour

We love coffee and what we love to do during weekends is to savour a cup (or two) of kopitiam coffee. Not the ones at the nearby coffee shop though because those taste really awful and should be banned. We used to frequent the Ya Kun outlet at Lot 1 or the Toastbox at Causeway Point, but since late last year we have been regulars to the western-most outpost of Jurong Point. Why? Cause they now boast of the Old Town White Coffee, Ipoh’s own favourite blend of White Coffee. One sip of the Nanyang Memorable and we proclaimed it the best in town. The taste is a delightful mix of bitter, sweet and sour that certainly stands out from the common sweet coffee found at the Ya Kuns or Toastbox. So good that we have been there three times since December. The food there is not too bad either. I have enjoyed both the Chicken Rendang and Nasi Lemak.

Nanyang Memorable_Old Town
A cup of Nanyang Memorable

Nasi Lemak_Old Town
Nasi Lemak … looking at it just makes me hungry

Chicken Curry_Old Town
Curry Chicken

We missed the taste when we went back to Muar during Christmas, so we went hunting for good coffee. Unfortunately the ‘Old Street’ cafe on Jln Abdul Rahman isn’t quite in the same class (though it has a similar-looking old town pic as a logo). Rather than let that spoil the image of our Muar coffee, we went to the 434 Sai Kee coffee shop at Jln Salleh the next day and our confidence in our local coffee was restored. As the espresso machine was down, I tried their ‘Elephant bean’ coffee (yeah, it is bigger than the normal beans) instead. I will definitely be back the next time to taste the ‘Queen coffee’ with the coffee flower on top.

434 Coffee
Muar’s own 434 Sai Kee Coffee

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