Up the ladder

Jln Kayu Prata Cafe_Wall Logo

Yew Tee just got bumped up the heartland class ladder. Now we got Subway! Take that Admiralty! We are now one measily rung above you …

Ok seriously, at least there is something new to gloat about on staying in Yew Tee, the place where people who don’t look at MRT maps do not know about. The new shopping block at Yew Tee Residences is promising a whole new shopping experience to the Yew Tee faithful. Now we get to experience Watsons and Comic Connection, even Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is in the works. That is one whole level up from Bess Point housewares and Ananas Deli. Soon, we won’t have to take the train one stop down to Lot 1 to partake in the shopping mall experience. Soon …

While the rest of the shop fills in, what better way to imbibe the mamak supper culture than to imbibe a glass of teh tarik at our very own Jln Kayu Prata Cafe.

Jln Kayu Prata Cafe_Menu
Godzillas beats Dinosaurs by 50 cents worth extra of Milo or Coffee powder …

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