Life behind wheels

Life has not been the same after we decided to put our foot down (on the pedal) and swap public transport with a set of wheels. Here is the down side to life behind wheels.

1) Walking 1Km less daily. Sigh … I did not sign up for the extra spare tire around my waist.
2) Bye bye reading time. Train rides were a good time to catch up on reading.
3) Instead of the frustrating wait for the bus, I have to bear with congested roads and lots of traffic lights.
4) The roads have eyes. Take a misstep and you get fined for the smallest of offences, and “tolonglah encik …” does not work here.
5) This 1.2 tonne machine puts a hole in your pocket and sucks up all extra dough. Well we sign up for this so were ready for this… well sort of …


2 thoughts on “Life behind wheels

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bro…What car / MPV are you getting?Steven

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