Rounding up the Ox

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog and now we are on the verge of another New Year. Since I had missed writing a round-up post for 2009, I figure I will do one for the Year of the Ox instead.

Red Oxen_recoloured

We ushered the Ox with gusto but it could not stem the sub-prime tsunami that battered the financial markets and caused many companies, including mine, to shed their workforce and tighten their belts. I was fortunate to be spared and learnt a valuable financial lesson along the way. So career wise, I am still where I am at the beginning of the year.

Day 1_Taipei Keelung_-070-resized

We found time to travel too. After our exertions in Europe the previous year, we decided to hop on a guided tour to a not-to-distant and less expensive destination. So Taiwan was it. This was our only holiday getaway for the year.


We finally became parents this year. To prepare for our baby, we attended ante-natal classes, borrowed books on pregnancy and baby-care, and did loads of shopping.



Upgraded from public transport to a set of wheels and from a basic DSLR to a full frame.

All in all, it was a pretty good year. I’m hoping the Tiger will be a even better year.

Tiger Year

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