Post-CNY post

Yep, the festivities are over, at least at my end. I had a week-long restful break back in Muar with plenty of family gatherings and feasting. There was little time for friends though as I now have a little girl in tow who subcribes to a 3 hour drinking schedule. You do not want to mess with this one when she is hungry. So no more late nights out catching up with friends or playing ‘in-between’ till the wee hours of the morning. Well I did get some game-time though at Vicky’s place when her aunts and cousins converged on the fourth, fifth and sixth nights to gamble on black-jack. As parents, we had to tuck baby up to bed first before thinking of joining the lievly crowd at the gaming table. The baby monitor sure comes in handy in times like this.

Here are some photos of the first day gathering at my place.

CNY 2010_FirstDay_34
Cheyenne looking cute in pink
CNY 2010_FirstDay_32
Outpouring of emotions and welcomes as relatives start to arrive
CNY 2010_FirstDay_26
At the main table, from left CW : Janet, Annie, Un.Gan, An.Gan, Un.George, Un. Kay (satnding), An.Mary, and Mom
CNY 2010_FirstDay_23 CNY 2010_FirstDay_21
CNY 2010_FirstDay_16 CNY 2010_FirstDay_17
What are kids up to these days? They definitely do not need TV cartoons to keep them entertained.
CNY 2010_FirstDay_09
A family portrait

More shots …

CNY 2010_FirstDay_04 CNY 2010_FirstDay_06
CNY 2010_FirstDay_14 CNY 2010_FirstDay_20
CNY 2010_FirstDay_15 CNY 2010_FirstDay_12

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