Hundred Days

Is the 100th day suppose to be a milestone for a baby? Though not as significant as the full month (where she sleeps her way through the celebration), or first year (where she gets her first cake and solitary candle) or the 21st (where she gets the keys to freedom), I heard from someone that it is when the baby gets a litle easier to handle and to read. Well, maybe not exactly on that day, but Cheyenne has indeed changed in the past three months. Here are a few that I can point out …

1) She is sleeping longer at night now. Although she still gets up for her pre-dawn drink, she sleeps about seven to eight hours straight through the night.

2) She has sort of fall into a routine where she keeps these 3-hour cycles throughout the day, made up of drink-activity-sleep.

3) She has learn to communicate with us in her own way. She will focus on you, maybe let out a spontaneous smile, and sometimes break into baby googly talk which looks like she is trying to tell us something.

I guess in a way, she has also trained us, parents, to read her moods, cries and actions better in the past hundred days. Here are to many more days with Cheyenne!


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