I am king of the world no more

hurt_locker_ver3 VS avatar-movie-poster

At the end, the ex-missus took the cake. In fact, it was both the cake and the icing. With both main oscars in the bag, she has finally stepped out of James’ larger-than-life shadows. Well, personally I had preferred ‘Avatar’ to win. For me it was a 3D epic adventure that was just more memorable and exciting than the rest of the lot. I had watched the Hurt Locker on DVD last weekend; it was gritty, engaging and ‘real’ but it would probably just stay on mind as long as let’s say ‘District 9’, meaning just good enough for a night’s reflection. Maybe the war-movie meant a whole lot more to the Americans who has loved ones in the thick of the action. Anyway, the blue army of Pandora gets my nod. Here are a few noatable (and laughable) quotes from the academy awards.

“I want to thank the Academy for not considering Na’vi a foreign language.” — Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella, after winning the award for best foreign language film.

“Oscar and Penelope (Cruz), that’s an uber-Bingo.” — Christoph Waltz, accepting the best supporting actor Oscar. Cruz was the presenter.

“Never did I dream that making a flip book out of my third-grade math book would lead to this.” — Pete Docter, accepting the best animated feature film award for “Up.”


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