Eat . Shop . Love .

We were back in Muar two weekends back for a short getaway. It was good to break our weekly routine, where every weekend is almost the same as the one before.

Muar can be a boring place if you do not what to do. But to us it was heaven sent; We were surrounded by family, had free babysitting help, no house chores (heh heh …), had our choice pick of favourite local food and plenty of shopping.

Eat .

It was ‘Ready- Set – Eat’ from the word ‘Go’. Even before we reached the borders of Muar on that Friday night, we had already placed our order of ‘Wan Tan Mee’. These is one of Vicky’s favourites, the noodle stall opposite Chuan Tin Restaurant.

The next day, we had Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls for lunch. These yummy balls are slightly bigger than their Malaccan counterparts, but smaller than the fist-sized balls that are also found in Muar. Dinner in Muar is usually Zi Char but with the many new restaurants sprouting around town, we were spoilt for choice. In the end we decided to try the ‘Yu Tou Wang’ (Fish Head King) restaurant. The food (Nyonya-styled fish head, sambal sotong and prawns) did not disappoint.

Other must try in Muar includes the Mee Siput (get a pack of six), Seremban Siew Pau from Fung Seng, and Bak Kut Teh (for breakfast).

Shop .

Yes, you read it right – Shop. What can you find in Muar that you cannot find in Singapore? Well, cheap baby formula milk for one. It might be lacking a few extra ingredients (eg DHAs, AAs, probiotics) compared to their Singaporean cousins, but at half the cost, it is a bargain that is hard to ignore.  There are many other baby and household essentials that are selling cheaper in Malaysia too.

And if you have missed any movie titles or are finding it impossible to go to the theaters with baby around, the DVD shop is just a hop away from the shopping mall. I finally got to see Jayden doing his best impression of the Karate Kid, Stallone-Arnie-Willis doing a scene together, Ah Niu and gang acting out a teenage love story, and hearing the iconic A-Team theme song again.

Love .

Well baby got plenty of lovin. With no other babies or grand kids to vie for attention, Chey naturally got all the attention. She enjoys it. And looks out for it. So much that she would sometimes stare blankly at us, her parents, but turns around and smiles at any stranger that catches her eye. She will look up eagerly at waiters who serves our food or stare at the people on the next table, hoping to catch their attention. At least it keeps her busy and distracted while we have a chance to eat in peace.

Too bad we only had two and a half days to spend in Muar. It only makes us look forward to the next trip home.

If you are guessing what happened to pray, we did not quite make it to church. The 6 to 7pm slot happens to coincide with Baby’s nap-bath-dinner time.


Mee Siput anyone?


2 thoughts on “Eat . Shop . Love .

  1. Yin says:

    The baby formula in Msia is no different than those sold in Spore. Only price difference due to exchange rate. Most formula are made in Msia and they definitely do not contain less DHA, SA, etc that you have been misinformed! Hey, not all things buatan Msia is bad…. just look at us both!

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